Stops has the most simple, straightforward policies in the travel world!

Simple and Clear travel policies.

Stops works with vetted agencies and tour operators that provide ‘guaranteed group departures’ to at least 18 countries. 

Stops’ social group travel packages require no ‘group minimum’ and have ‘guaranteed’ departures. Stops’ passengers get an extra level of Terms and Conditions protection when checking out via Stops:

  • If you are not-insured and your trip is canceled by you or the operator for any reason (including Force Majeure) up to 3 months for departure, then you will receive a full refund, less any credit card fees and a non-refundable $300 per person credit voucher from Stops, which you can use for new dates, a different travel package offered on Stops (or by the Agency), or transfer to another person as a gift for up to 24 months. 
  • If you are not-insured and your trip is canceled less than 3 months prior to departure by the agency or operator, then you will be entitled to a full refund less any convenience/credit card fees and will be provided an additional $100 discount for booking your next tour.

Stops only markets group social products that have a strong mix of educational, scenic, atmospheric value, with a minimum High 3-star class.

Travelers can jump on a tour easily and often have the choice to check out via Stops or the supplier directly. 

When a client checks out for their tour via Stops, they have the option to pay by credit card and get lots of perks too, including 1:50 chance to travel for free, anywhere in the world. The client also gets direct-connected with their travel agency, with a guaranteed 1-business day response time, every time.

Approximately three (3) months prior to the client’s departure, the Agency will provide a final confirmation, and from that point forward the client is bound by the Terms and Conditions of the partnering Agency. Note, that prior to officially checking out, the client has already confirmed all of the Terms and Conditions supplied by the  Agency. 

Stops does not share any information with any 3rd party, other than the Agency providing the services of the package, without the client’s clear consent.

If the client (you) is eligible for a refund, then in most cases the refund will be made by check from the Agency who is carrying out the tour. By checking out via Stops, you’ll forgo the right to any chargebacks of your debit or credit card for your services, as all refunds (per Stops’ policy with its agencies) are either automatically processed by Stops 90 days prior to departure (per our policies), or processed by the Agent in the period ensuing period of 90 days prior to departure. In all cases, refunds are carried out within 15 days of request and according to the Agent’s terms and conditions.

All of our other Terms can be read in our Terms of Use.

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